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What you need……….

Tue 10th Nov 2015

Throughout my 20 years as an Event Consultant, I’ve come across loads of colleagues on events and I’m always intrigued (and surprised) by the random objects they pull out of nowhere that can literally save the day – a bit like Mary Poppins and her bottomless handbag! When something goes wrong, I have always believed and learned to just deal with it and work to rectify it, not dwell on it, often having to use my own toolbox of ‘event essentials’, rather than chase the venue and wait for someone else to sort the problem out.

This is no different when dealing with a wedding, essentials such as scissors, needle and thread, a multitude of chargers (phone, tablet, camera, hairdryer, foreign adapters….!)mirrors, spare tights for all shapes and sizes, carpet tape and an ever growing selection of cake slices.

However the most impressive of all tools that a wedding planner should have is knowledge and experience,  a mixture of these allows the breathing space to deal with anything that can be thrown at you.  Recently we took delivery of a bespoke sign that had been smashed in transit, the room we were styling was the main bar area for the wedding, which had a cool urban feel with chesterfield sofas, wooden cable drums for tables, Edison Light bulbs, our bespoke pallet bar and a rustic Bar Sign with circus lights to hang on the wall.  The sign was the main feature of the room and something we had worked on to create as a keepsake for our bride and groom. Having a list of signage companies, prop hire colleagues and a cool head, allowed me to get a substitute sign, which although could not be kept by our couple, made the room look even cooler than the original commission.

Understandably we waived all costs to the client and got the original sign returned but without our tool kit we could still be rocking back and forward in a barn………..!